Different cars have different battery capacity. Majority of the cars’ battery capacity varies between 10kWh (Plug-In Hybrid car) and 100kWh (advanced Tesla). Standard garage does not usually include a dedicated Car Charging outlet, and the entire garage has a 15AMP breaker. Let’s assume this is the case and you want to charge just 40kWh. This is equivalent to full Nissan Leaf charge, or about half of Tesla charge.

15AMP will actually give you about 11.25AMP (after average 25% loss).

11.25 AMP x 110 V = 1237.5W

40kWh/1237.5W = 32.32 hours

* You will need 32+ hours in order to charge 40kWh into your battery in standard garage…. Boring….

However, if you install 80AMP outlet with us and run 220V cable, the same charge will take less than 2.5 hours.

75AMP (after losses) x 220V = 16,500W

40kWh/16,500W = 2 hours and 25 min! *

* Estimation only. Actual results may vary.